Our Story

I have always been fascinated by fashion design, quality craftsmanship and rich materials, the interplay of these elements create objects that become art and give us pleasure.

​I remember with a lot of love my years as a student of fashion design in Italy and how this culture makes design part of their everyday life. I learnt, leather can be transformed with passion, tradition and quality. I came back full of ideas and excitement to my home Colombia a country rich in culture, tradition for handmade products and love for vibrant colors.

My design philosophy is to create pieces that have qualities of timelessness, care for details using  leathers and fabrics. These pieces come to life by craftsmen who infuse them with passion and dedication for their art.


I have been fortunate to have a wonderful family and being mother of two amazing sons who inspire me to reach for new horizons. With challenging professional career, I decided to be courageous in embracing my dream of starting my own company – my ‘aha-moment’

By following my passion, I hope to show my kids a path to create their own happiness and hopefully my journey will empower other women to follow their dream.


                                                                   Claudia Sánchez Díaz