Good morning Coco Chanel & good night Marilyn Monroe!

March 15, 2017

Do you agree there is something mystical about parfumes? Maybe it is because we women love scents, and it forms a part of our personal stamp. If you really think about it, you can remember the smell and the feeling of special moment in which you were excited and happy and of course you can relate a perfume with the persons we love.





I am personally inspired  by the story of CHANEL No 5. Coco Chanel collaborated with perfumer Ernest Beaux for CHANEL No 5, in 1921. The perfume with hints of rose, jasmine perfectly captured Coco Chanel's personality, intelligence and simplicity - she was ahead of her time. It was the first time the perfume was named after the eponymous designer. Coco who was a master of seduction and a great marketer decided to vaporize herself and the store with the perfume for the launch. It was an immediate success with her elegant Parisians customers and the rest is history.





An interesting fact is that perfumes can be classified by the concentration of perfume as follows:


  • Parfume or extrait :Between 15% - 40% of concentration.   

  • Esprit de Parfum : Between 15% - 30% of concentration.

  • Eau de parfum: Between 10% - 20% of concentration.

  • Eau de toilette : 5% - 15% of concentration.

  • Eau de collogne: 3%- 8% of concentration.

  • Splash : 1% of concentration.



Friends perfume is a luxury that you own to yourself!


Finally when Marylin Monroe was asked by a reporter what she wears before bed? She  replied “ What do I wear to bed? Why Channel Number 5 of course.





A big hug to all!




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