Six places to visit in Cartagena

January 4, 2018

Hello my dear friends, Ah! Cartagena a city with great people, beauty in every corner, food to die for and lots of history. Would you like me to give you a tour? Why not, let’s go! If you have already visited, I know you share my love for Cartagena. For those of you who want to come to Colombia and have an unforgettable experience, welcome to one of my favorite places to unwind and explore.


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First stop. Plaza de Santo Domingo, great place to get some drinks, listen good music and see people pass by. You will be amazed by the beautiful colonial architecture, romantic balconies and the gorgeous facade of church of Santo Domingo. Look around, take your time, enjoy Botero’s sculpture and feel the energy of the city.



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Next stop walks a few blocks north to the edge of the wall, you will be welcomed by art, music and architecture. Get inside and be amazed by the incredible frescos on the ceiling by the world renown painter Enrique Grau. The red fabrics, chandeliers and balconies are the prefect set up for an evening fill with magic. The theater Heredia host year round several events. However, if you are up for a classic music, come during the second week of January for the International Classical

Festival of Music. 


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Who wants to go shopping? I have a perfect place for all of you who want to get an authentic handmade gift or a Panama hat fit for the occasion. Las Bovedas, located between the forts of Santa Clara and Santa Catalina were built at the end of 18 century, it was initially a garrison, later  it was used as a prison. After years of being abandoned Las Bovedas was restored in 1970 and given to a group of artisans who support  local artists as well.



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How about a castle with a city view! The castle of San Felipe de Barajas build in 1536, declared world heritage site by Unesco in 1984, it’s the perfect spot for families to explore the tunnels  and its history. Who knows you might find a treasure! Hahah… seriously gold and riches from the colonies used to be storage under those walls.



Image: Claudia Sanchez.


The Aviary fabulous place to support. Enjoy the ride, 40 minutes south Cartagena. Among its initiatives, the research of 130 types of birds, the conservation of endangered species and the rescue of animals from poachers. Look for the star of the show, the friendly “El Grulla”


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To end the day let’s go for a dinner. I know just the place. “Don Juan”, perfect fusion between Colombian cuisine, fresh sea food and Spaniard influences. Colombian chef Juan Felipe Camacho graduated from the prestigious European school “Escuela de cocina Luis Irizar”, in San Sebastian Spain.


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“Don Juan” has everything you are looking for in a restaurant, great architecture and atmosphere, the dishes are presented is very delicate way, the service is impeccable and the food is a trip that tantalize your senses.






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I send  you a very special hug, we will return with more tips!


Kisses 💕


Claudia Sánchez Díaz.


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