5 habits to have a young, luminous and radiant skin

February 13, 2018

Hello my friends!

I am very happy, today in our blog we are pleased to invite María Andrea Galán expert on beauty issues. This time she will guide us on how we can make our skin look young, bright and radiant in only 5 steps!


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As Maria Andrea says "Youth is an issue that has become a trend. We all want to live the majority of  years looking as young as possible, but above all we want to love the person we see in the mirror.


Genes influence a large percentage. However, scientific studies have proven that more than genes it is the environment, your stress levels and your habits who have a greater impact"


Let's do it my friends, I think it's never too late to start a routine and it works as long as we have perseverance and desire to do it!


"An action becomes habit after doing it for 21 days, if you really want to make a habit something natural, I recommend you do these 5 steps for 90 days," says María Andrea. The 5 friendly steps "



Step 1: Cleanse.


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The first habit, and I believe it is the most important is the daily cleaning in the morning and night. I know there are evenings that you can feel tired after an long day of meetings, activities with children, or even if you went out to have fun.


What is one night of not washing your face?

Well this is what you do not want to hear. One day ... is 7 days of aging of your skin.

By washing daily, especially at night, prevent pores from clogging, remove impurities, eliminate waste, it  TONES and make your skin FIRM.

See why I am telling you this is super important!



Cleanse and Tone by Nuskin.


Step 2: Masks.


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There are many masks in the market. Although mask seem to have more of a short-term benefit, it  also bring shine and smoothness to your skin, help to close pores, moisturize or just relax, the truth is that it give us benefits when we apply mask regularly, at least once a week.


Step 3: Serum.


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Serum is  for your skin as multivitamins and  supplements are for your body. Serum is full of vitamins and antioxidants, which are the key products to maintain a youthful skin. You should use it day and night before moisturizing or nourishing. It is important to choose according to the needs of your skin, each has a specific function, if you use correctly, it will give you the results you are looking for. 



Step 4: Hydrate.


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Our skin requires permanent moisturizing to maintain and restore optimum water levels and this is similar to your whole body, if you start with a glass of water in the mornings, you will see its benefits throughout the day.


It is important to choose according to your skin type, age and place where you live.


I recommend to select with sun protection. What's more, if you are on social networks taking selfies all the time, the protection should be maximum 25, so your skin will not shine before the cameras and you will look radiant. 



Step 5: Nourish.


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At night our body is getting regenerated, apply a nourishing to help the cells of your skin to get restored properly, Always with clean skin.

These are my 5 secrets, I hope you are encourage follow them to have a young skin, luminous and radiant!








Thanks a million to our expert Maria Andrea Galán for her tips !!! and if you need more information about Nuskin, please click here!






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Do you want a cosmetic bag to store your products and creams for the new routine?





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