Golden rules to stay fit during the holidays!

November 23, 2017

Hi  to all my friends!


Have you set up your Christmas decorations? I am going to do it soon and will make our apartment look beautiful! 🎄


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I do not know if it happens to you that we gain some weigh this time of the year? To be prepared,  I spoke with my Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Isa,  to get the best tips to look great during the holidays and enjoy the celebrations.


These are not only tips, I will take them very seriously as golden rules for every day in this vacations. Otherwise,  I will be so sorry on January.


Isa recommends us:

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1. Everything you eat generates a response in your body. Take good care of the quality of the meals and keep in mind the MACRONUTRIENTS like:


Proteins: They help us build muscles and provide energy, we find them in lean meats, fish, beans and chickpeas.


Fibers: They maintain the digestive system, present in fruits and vegetables such as mango, melon, celery, broccoli and aubergines.

 Carbohydrates: They provide energy, find them in oats, brown rice, quinoa and banana.


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2. Make 5 small meals to speed up your metabolism.


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Now that you are going  to look wonderful for holidays you can reward yourself with a new bag! 


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3. No extremes, follow the 80/20 rule which means 80% eating very healthy and 20% for indulge!


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4. You can take maximum 2 glasses of white wine or whiskey which are the drinks that that have the less calories.


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5. If you have an event, eat something before you go!



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6. Do your favorite sports activity, it  can be yoga, walking or running for at least 20 minutes. It is  super important and makes you very happy!


Isa, thank you for the tips!

If you need more information about Isa,  she is the best Professor of Therapeutic Yoga.

Isabel Henao - cell: 3183639330





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Claudia Sánchez Díaz.

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